Jan. 17 2021

10.Derek Shapiro-"Reture To Innocence" (From:"Department For Children")

9.Yvens A. Darilus, Dylan Snyder, Derek Shapiro Ft./Brian Mulhern-"Department For Children" (From:"Department For Children")

8.Miley Cyrus - "Zombie"

7.Keith Urban performs "Higher Love" | One World: Together at Home

6.Derek Shapiro-"It's Not My Time" 

5.Hootie & The Blowfish - Losing My Religion

4.Derek Shapiro-"Salvation" (From:"Zombie 



3.Ellie Goulding-"Power"

2.Jason Aldean - "Got What I Got"

1.Hootie & The Blowfish-"Why"

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